Arsenal FC History

The Proud History Of Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC History

Arsenal FC History – Image Credits

So everyone has caught soccer fever, especially lately. There are places in the world where soccer is more than just a sport of course, it is part of the daily conversation, as ingrained in the blood as the DNA. And if you are going to talk about a sport at any level, you of course want to talk about one of the most successful clubs of that sport so in the world of soccer, or football you want to talk Arsenal FC. Arsenal FC history is all about pride, class and grace. While you are at it, you might want to talk a little sports history and a little bit of statistics, so here you go, some spoon fed info to use to kick your conversation off and maybe get a little rivalry going as well.

Soccer/football is claimed by every country and culture in the world, even in countries like Iceland with some version of the game played in their histories. Of course, there are a number of myths and legends surrounding how the game was started and what the original balls of the game were made of. Legends include balls made of human heads, bladders filled with blood and various gourds and even rocks (that is one tough soccer team, right?). Look up the history of the sport and you will find other examples of balls that included feather, hair or fur stuffed balls, oranges or coconuts and balls that were stuffed with hat and straw.

Arsenal FC, nicknamed “The Gunners” got their start in 1886 although they had a different name at the time and are one of the most successful clubs, not only in the Premier League but in the sport overall winning 13 First Division and Premier League Titles  and 10 FA Clubs. They have enjoyed the longest uninterrupted period in England’s top flight as well as the distinction of being the only side to finish an entire season unbeaten. The club has an estimated 27 million fans worldwide including in a number of foreign countries. The most dedicated of the fans are the “Gooners” and the most dedicated rivals are those who are rooting for Tottenham Hotspur.

It is the third largest club in the world and is valued at over a billion dollars and the women’s club (The Arsenal Ladies) are the most successful English women’s club as well.  Now everyone knows where the talent is: Holloway, North London.

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