'My perfect day' – Ian Wright on the 21st anniversary of the day he broke Arsenal's goalscoring record

Ian Wright - The Premier League Show

You can see Ian Wright mark the 21st anniversary of the day he broke Arsenal’s goal-scoring record on The Premier League Show at 22:00 BST on Thursday on BBC Two and the BBC Sport website.

It was strange going back to Highbury for this week’s Premier League Show.

I have so many fantastic memories there, but I don’t visit very often because the place is obviously very different now – it is flats and gardens, not the football stadium I loved to play and score at.

I am so pleased that it was the setting for one of the proudest moments of my career, when I broke Cliff Bastin’s goalscoring record for Arsenal, 21 years ago today.

For me to have done that, to have been the greatest goalscorer in Arsenal’s history, is still difficult for me to comprehend even when people tell me they were there to see it happen – which a lot of people do.

To understand why, you have to remember where I came from. I only got into the professional game at 21, with Crystal Palace, and 12 years later I was breaking Arsenal’s all-time goalscoring record that had stood for 51 years.

Even now, after filming this piece and with all the memories that have come flooding back, I still think: how did that happen to me at a club like Arsenal?

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