Wenger explains motive behind ‘ludicrous’ failed Arsenal bid for Suarez


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Arsene Wenger has opened up on the failed attempt to bring Luis Suarez to Arsenal in 2013, labelling the £40,000,001 bid launched as ‘ludicrous’.

The Gunners entered the 2013/14 season on the hunt for a clinical frontman.

With the lure of Champions League football thought to be strong, Liverpool ace Luis Suarez had been identified as a prime candidate to spearhead Arsenal’s attack amid rumblings of discontent in the Uruguayan’s camp.

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Testing the waters, Arsenal lodged a bid of £40m plus one pound, a move that was met with derision from Liverpool’s owners.

Fenway Sports Group famously retorted with “What do you think they’re smoking over there at the Emirates”, and with that, all hope of a deal between the clubs was lost.

Now, writing in his new book (via The Mirror), Wenger admitted the curious bid was designed to test out information he had received from the player’s agent.

“In 2014 [the 2013/14 season] we were looking to get Luis Suarez over,” wrote Wenger.

“We had an agreement with the player and his agent. But the agent claimed that there was a clause: with an offer above £40million, Liverpool would be obliged to let the player go.

“But thanks to an indiscretion within Liverpool, I found out that his clause never existed.

“To check this was true, we offered £40,000,001. This may have seemed ludicrous, I admit.

“But Liverpool did not want to sell Suarez, they could afford to keep him and there was already an offer from Barca on the horizon.”

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