Real Madrid Loanee Midfielder Looking To Extend Stay In Arsenal


  • Real Madrid is speculated in interested in selling loanee Dani Ceballos for monetary benefits 
  • Arsenal is looking to extend Dani Ceballos with the team for one more year
  • Ceballos is known as a great passer who plays aggressively on the defensive end

The depth of Real Madrid’s roster boasts multiple players that act as high-value assets even all the way to their loaned stars. One of these includes Dani Ceballos who is looking to extend his stay in Arsenal.

The manner that Ceballos has stepped up for Arsenal is noteworthy as he’s been one of the more reliable players on the field. In 36 appearances for Arsenal, he’s scored twice and tallied two assists. While he suffered a torn muscle bundle for a significant portion of this year’s Premier League, he’s still part of the team’s consistent performers. Despite sitting out on nine games due to injuries, Ceballos also started a total of 18 matches for the Gunners.

To add to these, Ceballos has shown incredible passing ability and dribbling on the field. The manner of how he’s facilitated the offense as a midfielder serves as a strength for Arsenal. Throughout his career, he’s averaged 88.8% in terms of his pass success rate to go along with 3.1 long balls per game. There are also other things he brings to the pitch such as an improved defensive intensity. The Spanish midfielder is also averaging 1.7 tackles an outing throughout his young career.

Per Fansided’s The Real Champs, Ceballos is close to finalizing his deal with Arsenal. This comes after reports were speculated that Real Madrid is interested in selling Ceballos permanently. A one-year extension instead will be beneficial for both clubs as Arsenal will be able to take advantage of Ceballos’ services. On the other hand, Real Madrid will be able to assess if they want to exchange the 23-year-old for monetary benefits are take him back to Santiago Bernabeu.

The consistent performance of Zidane’s stars has helped the manager notch his 11th trophy for Real Madrid in the recently concluded La Liga tournament. With the tactical prowess that Zidane has, he’s able to know what are the options he needs to deploy to win on the field. It will be crucial to see how Ceballos further develops and if he will eventually be included in Zidane’s rotation.

But whether or not Ceballos ends up back in Real Madrid, it’s interesting to note that there are multiple opportunities ahead of him to step up and show everyone what he’s capable of.

Dani Ceballos of Arsenal FC Dani Ceballos of Arsenal FC Photo: Getty Images | Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images

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